EC Chairman plays down issues in Commission

Chairman of the National Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya has played down issues among the three members of the Commission saying it is only a case of differences of opinion.

In a statement posted on his Facebook, Deshapriya said that he never expected all three members of the Commission to have the same opinion.

He said that if all three were to think alike there would not be a need for a three-member Commission.

Deshapriya said that in the end the Commission discusses and reaches a conclusion which is best for the country.

Commission member, Professor Ratnajeevan H. Hoole had told Daily Mirror that he did not agree with some of the new dates proposed by the Chairman of the Commission Mahinda Deshapriya to hold the Parliamentary election.

He also admitted that he had an issue with the Chairman, accusing him of operating as a one-man Commission.

Hoole had said that dates in August and September had initially been proposed to hold the parliamentary election but the Chairman had later proposed 15 July.

“After the meeting Mahinda Deshapriya reopened the date and wanted 15 July with no particular rationale. Then, after another meeting, as if to give a rationale, he had a handwritten paper on which he marked dates 27 April (curfew listed as stated by the government), May 2 to ensure that COVID-19 was easing, and then 7 weeks (5-7 weeks for campaigning as in the Act) taking us to 20 June,” Hoole had told Daily Mirror.

He said that eventually he agreed to 20 June to settle the issue.

Hoole also said that so far there has not been a discussion to go for a fresh date owing to objection raised by some, including the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. (Colombo Gazette)



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