AG’s Department closed until further notice

The premises of the Attorney General (AG) Department has been declared out of bounds and will remain closed until further notice.

Additional Solicitor General, P.C. Sumathi Dharmawardena said the measures have been taken on suspicion that members of the security detail stationed at the premises may have contracted the coronavirus.

Dharmawardena explained that security officials on duty at the AG’s Department are employed from a private firm.

Daily meals for the officers are provided by a female security officer and distributed by another male security officer from the same firm and employed by the AG’s Department.

The male officer has been found to be a close associate of the female officer.

Dharmawardena said it was notified today that the female officer from Hufltsdorp has been admitted to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (IDH) after contracting the coronavirus.

Relevant officials have been advised to launch investigations and commence contact tracing, while officials of the AG’s Department have been informed to refrain from entering the premises.

Additional Solicitor General, P.C. Sumathi Dharmawardena requested the Judicial Service Commission to excuse the state Counsel of the AG’s Department from future court cases as officials from the Department are unable to retrieve their files on relevant cases due to the current situation.

She further requested the Commission to consider the postponement of cases, where the State is party, to a suitable date in order for the State Counsel to appear in courts. (Colombo Gazette)


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