Sampath Bank partners with PickMe to deliver cash direct from ATMs

Sampath Bank PLC recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with PickMe Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka (PVT) Ltd, enabling for the delivery of cash withdrawn from an ATM directly to the doorstep of a customer. A solution of this nature has never been seen before in the banking industry.

As a bank which cares for the well-being of customers, this endeavour addresses the need of the hour. With ongoing curfews, many Sri Lankans lack sufficient cash in hand and this unique solution aims to ensure cash delivery whenever required, while protecting customers from exposure to COVID-19. Additionally, Sampath Bank has waived 50% off the banking charges for this service, to provide greater relief.

Any customer who requires cash delivered to their doorstep, only requires access to their Sampath Vishwa account and the PickMe mobile application. After following a few user-friendly steps, a customer can create a ‘Mobile Cash’ transaction and then log into the PickMe App and under ‘Flash’ select ‘I want to Receive’ and click ‘Cash from ATM.’ The customer then only has to share the SMS they received from Sampath Bank with the designated PickMe driver, who will safely deliver the cash to the customer’s doorstep. After a successful withdrawal and delivery to the customer along with a receipt, the customer should ensure that the correct amount has been received without any discrepancies. After the customer pays and rates the driver, the transaction will be completed.

In the event of any delays or if the delivered amount of cash is not a reflection of the requested amount, the customer can make a complaint to either the PickMe customer support line on 1331 or Sampath Bank’s customer service hotline on 0112303050 and have the matter resolved. More details and instructional graphics detailing this process can be accessed at

The PickMe drivers who will withdraw funds from ATMs and facilitate this service have been specially trained, ensuring that the process is streamlined. If a driver is in doubt about the operation of the ATMs, special instructional stickers have been placed at Sampath ATMs which highlight the user-friendly steps to be taken. Additional safety features have also been put in place, for example, if a driver incorrectly enters an approval code three consecutive times at the ATM, the transaction will be automatically locked.

This service has been made available to Sampath Bank customers from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM throughout the week and currently covers Colombo 1 to 15 and its immediate suburbs. It is expected that the service will be extended to cover more geographic locations soon. Additionally, this solution is by far the safest choice for customers in need of cash during the ongoing curfew.

Together with Sampath Bank’s recently introduced Mobile ATM Service, the bank is introducing several innovative solutions to ensure that Sri Lankans will be able to transact with cash for essential goods and other purposes during these difficult times.


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