Police unearth plot to carry out second attack after Easter 2019

The Police say they have unearthed a plot to carry out a second attack after the Easter Sunday bombings last year.

Police Media Spokesman SP Jaliya Senaratne said that ongoing investigations led by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) into the Easter Sunday attacks revealed information that a second attack was being planned for another day.

He said CID Investigations revealed that the group led by the ringleader of the Easter Sunday terror attacks Zahran Hashim had split into two, with one group disbanding and the other staging the Easter attacks.

He said that further investigations revealed that the group split purely to mislead investigations and that it was not a genuine split.

The disbanded group had later converged with other organized groups to spread extremism, by teaching Muslim youth the wrong interpretation of Islam, and to stage the second attack.

The CID was able to prevent the attack and has now obtained all information with regard to those involved in the planning and aiding of these terrorists, he said.

SP Jaliya Senaratne pointed out further investigations have revealed that a group of persons from abroad had assisted in the planning of the second attack.

The CID had unearthed that these individuals, who had planned on staging a similar attack in South Asia, were to be brought to Sri Lanka and use the country as a hideout after the attack.

Suspects connected to the plot to carry out a second attack are now in Police custody, SP Senaratne said.

Commenting on the investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attacks, SP Senaratne said information has been obtained on all those who had aided and encouraged the Easter Sunday terror attacks, such as financial backing etc, and are now in Police custody.

Responding to social media reports calling for an investigation on former President Maithripala Sirisena in connection to the terror attacks, SP Jaliya Senaratne said no such investigation is underway.

Commenting on the arrest of a lawyer in relation to the Easter Sunday terror attacks, he said the suspect was arrested after the collection of proof of involvement by the CID.

Many on social media had levelled allegations against the CID for arresting the lawyer based on a phone call and without sufficient proof.

However, SP Senaratne said the CID had commenced investigations and the suspect had been summoned by the CID where multiple statements had been recorded confirming his involvement with the terrorists.

SP Senaratne, claiming the allegations as false, assured that all arrestsĀ  made in connection to the Easter Sunday terror attacks are done after the collection of sufficient and solid proof of involvement. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Investigation into this complex issue is a patient process………..
    CID will and should arrest anyone after facts have been established.
    I strongly believe that Lawyer’s arrest is one such incident. We shall hear many more
    such arrest in the future.
    Only now that the CID is focused on proper investigations according to a plan of action.

    Good work CID. Its time to re-establish the confidence and abilities of the past AND not vanishing with files or volunteering to wash Pots & Pans in a politicians home.
    In the past, CID was a very Independent place.


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