Guidelines issued on use of public transport

The Ministry of Transport Management has taken a number of measures to recommence public transportation from tomorrow, following a discussion today with the Committee appointed on Essential Services headed by Minister Basil Rajapaksa.

Issuing a press release, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera outlined the decisions drawn on public transportation.

  1. 5700 buses and 400 trains will be operated till Wednesday (22).
  2. Only employees of institutions declared as essential services will be allowed to travel via public transportation. The general public have been prohibited from using public transport.
  3. Necessary disinfectants will be provided by the bus and train operators, while the assistance of the Security Departments has been obtained to prevent persons other than employees of essential services using the public transport.
  4. Persons traveling by bus must adhere to the rule of one person per seat and follow a zigzag formation to maintain social distancing.
  5. Public transportation will only be provided to areas in which curfew has been relaxed from tomorrow(20). During this period public transportation will not be available for areas in which the curfew continues till (22). The decision has been taken on the instructions issued by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapksa to Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.
  6. Inter-provincial bus services will not be operated yet, and will only commence after the relaxing of curfews to certain districts on 22 April. Only employees of institutions declared as essential services will be permitted to use this service.

The Minister said guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and other Security Departments will be followed during this process.

State employees will be allowed to use their season tickets, while the season ticket issued for March will be deemed valid. Those who do not have a season ticket will be issued tickets and have been urged to bring change cash, the Minister concluded. (Colombo Gazette)


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