New system to pay water bills

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) has introduced an online system for the payment of outstanding water bills.

The NWSDB said due to the prevailing situation as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many consumers were unable to settle their outstanding bills.

The delay in payments has affected the National Water Supply and Drainage Board’s ability to provide continuous water supply to the public who are largely at home due to the islandwide Police curfew.

The NWSDB said as a result it has introduced multiple ways in which the public could settle their outstanding bills from home.

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board said consumers can now pay their outstanding water bills via the following methods.

  1. Payments via the NWSDB Self Care App / NWSD Smart Pay App which is free of charge
  2. The official website:
  3. Payments through mobile apps, online banking and websites of banks and other organizations providing payment services. Eg: People’s Bank, Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank and Sampath Bank.

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board said its branch offices will be opened from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in areas where the curfew will be lifted on Monday (20).

The public arriving to make payments of their outstanding water bills have been requested to follow the guidelines issued by health officials, by wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

Furthermore, the NWSDB said the public can receive further information on water supply by forwarding details of their Bill number and email to 071 939 9999.

The public will be able to obtain an E-bill through this service, it added. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The meter readers have not been sighted for the past one and a half months and consumers are not aware of their commitments. By staying at home more water would be consumed, and a safe estimation woukd be helpfu.


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