San Francisco newlyweds stuck on honeymoon in Sri Lanka

A couple from San Francisco are stuck on their honeymoon in Sri Lanka as a result of the coronavirus, NBC Bay Area reported.

San Francisco newlyweds John and are in the midst of an unforgettable honeymoon, just not the one they had been dreaming about.

Limited flight options amid the coronavirus pandemic have left them stranded in Sri Lanka, unaware of when they might be able to return home.

Their planned adventure to Thailand and Sri Lanka, complete with world-class surf beaches and a safari, has now become an unusual and prolonged endurance test for the newly married couple.

“We’re actually calling it a ‘supermoon now,” jokes Michelle, who was supposed to fly back home to San Francisco with her husband three weeks ago. “It’s definitely been a rollercoaster.”

John and Michelle were already well into their honeymoon by the time San Francisco and five other Bay Area counties enacted their stay-at-home orders in an effort to halt the spread of COVID-19. The couple got married in Southern California on March 6. Two days later, they traveled to Thailand for the first stretch of their vacation. They then flew to Sri Lanka on March 16. It wasn’t until the next day when six Bay Area counties enacted those stay-at-home orders.

Two days after landing in Sri Lanka, John and Michelle learned their plane tickets home to San Francisco had been cancelled.

The Sri Lankan government has since began imposing irregular curfews that can last for days. People are only allowed to leave their homes for a few hours at a time, leading to incredibly long lines at area shops. Simply buying groceries can now be a full-day ordeal.

“There have been a lot of times where John has had to hold me and say, ‘hey, we’re gonna be okay.’ And I don’t totally believe him, but I kind of have to because I have no other choice,” said Michelle. “I only have one person in this entire country that I can really lean on,” she said, looking at her new husband.


  1. Damn John…. Michelle how is Sri Lanka treating you? You have not spoken. It is a damn arrogance on your part. Are you paying hotel charges to where you stay and are you both safe and food available?
    What has Alaina Teplitz done for you both other scheming screw up Sri Lanka?

  2. This is an incorrect news. I can remember US Embassy calling US Citizens in Sri Lanka to contact them for them to arrange flight home. Some have opted to stay and some took the flight. Even in India many US citizens opted to wait back in India.


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