Virus now contained to quarantine centers

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The coronavirus in Sri Lanka has now been contained to quarantine centers around the country, officials told the Colombo Gazette.

Military Spokesman Brigadier Chandana Wickremesinghe said it is now safe to say that the spreading of the virus has been removed from within the community and contained to quarantine centres.

Most persons testing positive to COVID- 19 are now reported from various quarantine centres in the country, he said.

Brigadier Wickremesinghe pointed out that 12 patients tested positive to the virus from the Myliddy quarantine center in Jaffna yesterday.

This was the highest number of COVID-19 patients reported within a day in Sri Lanka, he said.

The Military Spokesman said PCR testing is being carried out on persons placed at quarantine centres, helping in the detection of positive patients and tracing of people having come into direct contact. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Have they considered the possibility that healthy individuals are being exposed to the virus at these quarantine centers due to a failure in efficient quarantine procedures exposing healthy individuals to the virus through exposure to infected patents??

    They breath the same air in these facilities if they are all held together in a room simple logic isn’t it? (Exposure to airborne micro droplets)

    People will lose faith in these quarantine facilities if this issue isn’t addressed.


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