Retailers revert to selling dhal, canned fish at normal rates

Retailers announced that they are reverting to selling dhal and canned fish at normal rates.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) issued a gazette notification in March imposing a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) on dhal and canned fish.

Accordingly the MRP on dhal was Rs. 65 a kilo and canned fish (425g) at Rs. 100.

However, the cabinet had last week decided to lift the MRP and sell dhal and canned fish through the Sathosa Co-operative stores at the control price.

As a result, retailers have now announced that they will be reverting to the normal price with immediate effect.

Keells announced that with effect from 15 April a kilo of dhal will be sold at Rs. 134 and canned fish (425g) Rs. 192. (Colombo Gazette)


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