Minister orders probe on claim by woman on social media

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Ministry of Women and Child Affairs says it will commence an investigation into a claim made by a woman on social media that a man had reportedly broken into her room while she was staying alone in Nedimala, Dehiwela during the curfew.

The woman had claimed on social media, that three weeks ago a construction worker close to her residence had broken into her house after midnight and was found in bed next to her when she awoke.

She went on to say via twitter that she had attempted to file a complaint with the Officer -in – Charge of Crimes at the Dehiwela Police Station in this regard, but he had refused to take down the complaint.

However, when contacted by the Colombo Gazette with regard to the incident, the Officer – in- Charge of Crimes at the Dehiwela Police Station said no such incident was reported to him and that he did not refuse to take down any statements in this regard.

He requested the victim to file a complaint at the Dehiwela Police Station or to reach out to him personally to commence an investigation into the matter.

When inquired on the incident, Minister of Women and Child Affairs Pavithra Wanniarachchi told the Colombo Gazette, that she was unaware of such an incident, but will take necessary measures to probe it.

Minister Wanniarachchi also said she was aware such cases have been on the rise, and the Ministry has launched investigations into such incidents.

Women have been urged to file a complaint with the National Committee on Women under the Ministry of Women Affairs in the event such an incident occurs, she said.

The Ministry is to launch a probe to verify the authenticity of the incident reported in Nedimala and the allegations in the tweets. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. How can this be a matter for Pavithra Wanniarachchi?? She should mind her own business close to her health Ministry….
    What are you attempting prove Pavithra ??? Do not get mixed up with apples & orages OR try to be a smart Alec. notify the relevant authority. JUST FOCUS ON YOUR JOB AT HAND.

    LET THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCH MATTERS HANDLE unless you found a man sleeping next to you.
    You sound though You are a Square Peg In A Round Hole.
    Do not try to impress. People will decide. Do not expose your stupidity.


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