Restoration of normal life being considered at provincial level

The Government says the restoration of normal life is being considered at provincial level.

A special meeting was held under the aegis of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today focussing on protecting and recommencing the economy based on information obtained at Provincial level in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak in Sri Lanka.

The President’s Media Division (PMD) said senior officials from the Health sector, including Health Directors of all Provinces, had briefed the President  on the current situation in their relevant Provinces during the meeting at the Presidential Secretariat today.

President Rajapaksa had instructed the Provincial Health Directors to assess the current situation and convey recommendations through the Director General of Health Services to restart Industries, Agriculture and businesses to operate as prior to the coronavirus crisis.

The PMD said these measures are being taken to improve the livelihood of Sri Lankans during this crisis.

The discussion also focussed on the patients infected with the virus reported in each Province, those who had come in direct contact with infected patients, extending the investigations and facilities carried out by quarantine centers across the country, as well as the tests conducted to detect COVID- 19 patients.

The President had further questioned on the current facilities of the quarantine centers and changes that could be made to the process.

The Provincial Health Directors had informed the President that in comparison to other countries, the measures taken by the Government to tackle the spread of COVID-19 were effective and efficient, the PMD said.

The President had stated the Government must make use of this crisis to identify improvements to the Health Sector and to conduct a review on the current situation, the PMD added. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Fantastic effort by President Gota, the medical personnel, and the forces. Everyone should thank their respective God that it was President Gota at the helm. What a disaster this would have been with one of the other clowns at the helm.

    Let this be the defining moment in our history. Sri Lanka has again demonstrated to the world what she is capable of.

    Despite the clowns in parliament who hold us back, let us as a people say: Onward with progress, and let nothing hold us back.


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