Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka resumes twitter war

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka continued a war of words on twitter with those who questioned the Chinese Government on several issues.

The Embassy, which had its twitter account suspended this week, resumed its war of words as soon as the account was restored by twitter.

To a question posed on twitter if the ban on twitter will be lifted in China, the Chinese Embassy responded saying China believes if twitter could follow the laws and rules of China, the market might also be opened to them.

“Billions users on WeChat & Weibo. SL banned Twitter too when they violated domestic laws,” the Embassy said in a tweet.

Asked by another twitter user when exactly Sri Lanka banned twitter, the Chinese Embassy responded saying “Social media including Twitter were widely shut down by SL Gov during the ethnic riots in Feb 2018 and after the Eastern Sunday attacks in April 2019 etc. due to too much rumors and hatred speeches spread. Were you in Sri Lanka or New Zealand then? Fresh memories isn’t it.”

Twitter earlier said that the account of the Chinese Embassy was suspended for violating the Twitter Rules.

The exact reason which led to the suspension on the basis of violating Twitter Rules was not known.

However, yesterday the account was restored and the Chinese Embassy said that twitter had apologised for suspending the account.

Just days earlier the Chinese Embassy twitter admin was engaged in a war of words with several twitter users.

The exchange was over the Chinese Government being accused of negligence in the spread of the coronavirus.

During the heated exchange on twitter the Chinese Embassy was at times accused of using undiplomatic language. (Colombo Gazette)


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