Twitter restores account of Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka

Twitter has restored the account of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, hours after it was suspended.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka said that the account was restored after the Embassy made representations to Twitter.

“On 13/4, Twitter suspended official account of the Embassy, without any specific reason. The Embassy made solemn representation twice, requesting to clarify and correct. This morning, Twitter replied for a “systematic mistake”, apologized and unsuspended our account,” the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka said in a statement.

The Embassy said that it regrets the “systematic mistake”, and reiterated that freedom of speech must be honored and not be misused to spread groundless, racial or hate speech, nor be treated with double standards.

Twitter earlier said that the account has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules.

The exact reason which led to the suspension on the basis of violating Twitter Rules was not known.

However just days earlier the Chinese Embassy twitter admin was engaged in a war of words with several twitter users.

The exchange was over the Chinese Government being accused of negligence in the spread of the coronavirus.

During the heated exchange on twitter the Chinese Embassy was at times accused of using undiplomatic language.

The Embassy, meanwhile, said that it has applied to Twitter seeking to unlock the account.

“This is double standards. There is so-called freedom of media, but on the other hand, they suspend and lock any account that is not on their agenda,” a Chinese Embassy spokesperson said.

Last week the Chinese Embassy launched a verbal attack on a leading local newspaper over comments published and attributed to two individuals who had accused China over the coronavirus.

The newspaper however defended its right to publish comments by anyone. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. All social media activists, please take note: The Chinese government is in favour of free speech as long as they agree with it. In other words; please submit your free speech for approval before you ‘communicate’ it to the world.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation.

    P.s. No virus in China. Only Western propaganda.
    P.s.s. No propaganda in China either. Only big Panda.
    P.s.s.s. If you continue spreading lies about glorious Chinese republic. We give you one way ticket to exotic location in China. “We so kind peoples as is so well known by all peoples.”
    P.s.s.s.s. And why you say our figures don’t figure ? Because we good liars and we know how to figure.


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