Two policemen interdicted for mistreating curfew violators

Two policemen have been interdicted for mistreating four curfew violators in the Maradana area.

The Police media unit said that a television report showed two policemen forcing four curfew violators to hold their ears and bend down as a form of punishment.

An investigation had been launched after the television report was aired and the two policemen were identified.

The two policemen who were identified have been interdicted pending further investigations.

The Police said that further disciplinary action is to be taken against the two policemen. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. More than punishment, educate them. This is their old mentality.
    These are difficult times for them and can lose their patience and logical thinking under heat, pressure, fear of virus, irresponsible public etc., etc. The punishment meted out is inappropriate, they have not taken bribes or ignored crimes, just an over reaction to people breaking the law repeatedly. They are only human.

  2. This is not a serious lapse of duty. Probably they are fed up with idiots disrespecting the law. Do not over react. Send them for a refresher course in policing. Especially we cannot afford to lose Policemen under current situation and any punish meme to will dishearten other colleagues and they will not bother with stubborn curfew breakers.

  3. Give them a chance. This is not a crime. We need more police at this hour, not to get rid or penalise them. Do not push this too far.

  4. This is very harsh punishment.
    these Curfew violators deserve it. probably they would have violated curfew to get some exercise.
    This is the absurdity of the media. They have no clue what should and should not be portrayed.
    These media persons passes need to be cancelled.

    Police need to RE-INSTATE these TWO Policemen immediately. The Officer who ordered the interdiction have over reacted in this instance NEED TO BE GIVEN A BREAK as it appears he is under stress.
    These are tough times for the policemen as well.


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