Muslim organisations in Sri Lanka concerned over ‘hate mongering’

A group of Muslim organisations in Sri Lanka have sought immediate investigation and urgent action on “the continued hate-mongering against the Muslim community”, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hindu newspaper reported.

In a letter addressed to the acting Inspector General of Police, the organisations cited social media posts and audio recordings in circulation that, they said, violated laws on hate speech.

“It is also important to investigate whether any organised group is supporting, aiding and abetting the spread of racial and religious hatred to destabilise the country at a time when the government’s fullest attention is on controlling and eliminating the deadly COVID-19 here in Sri Lanka,” said the letter dated April 12, and signed by organisations, including the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka and the Colombo District Mosques’ Federation.

The letter refers to appeals made by anonymous persons in the audio clips, urging the public to refrain from making purchases from Muslim-run businesses, while accusing the community of trying to spread the coronavirus. The “racist appeals”, the organisations said, were similar to those circulated ahead of earlier instances of violence targeting the community in 2018 in the central Digana town, and soon after the Easter terror attacks last April.

Muslims have already raised concern over Sri Lanka making cremation compulsory for COVID-19 victims, as it goes against their beliefs.


  1. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. If the truth be told, the rest of us would have our heads on stakes if these medieval barbarians were the majority population.

    Tell me what country with a majority Muslim population allows freedom of religion and freedom of expression ? Many in the West are now beginning to realise that the policy of timid appeasement and forgiveness will only embolden the Muslim barbarians.

    Religion of peace ? My **** !

  2. Because of the religion moslems remain primitive, in every aspect of their lives. There are western educated, broad minded moslems, but they are also fearful of punishment, if they dare to speak out. Their lives are surrounded by payers and building mosques. Wherever they are, always, conflicts, greed, exploitation of non moslems, lawlessness, and utter selfishness.


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