Rupee hits new record low against USD

The Sri Lanka Rupee depreciated today, hitting a new record low against the US Dollar.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) said the selling rate of the US Dollar was at Rs. 200.47.

The Sri Lanka Rupee last depreciated against the US Dollar on Monday (06).

The Sri Lanka Rupee was selling at Rs. 199.4042 against the USD at the close of trading on Monday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Before the independence Sri Lankan rupee against the one US dollar was Rs 3.46. Now Rs 200.47. It shows the Sri Lankan Think Tank.

  2. So are we screwed or on the road to destruct. WE have been constantly made a prisoner of huge towering debt in the name of development, to finally see all this, and the irony is that the central bank crooks are free to roam , Even the prime architect, is still roaming the political arena. Only the deal makers and fraudsters have got richer and nobody in authority has been expressing concern for delayed or evasive justice.


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