Curfew in Ratnapura and Pelmadulla to remain

The Government has decided not to lift the curfew in the Ratnapura and Pelmadulla Police areas tomorrow.

The Police said that travel through these areas will also not be permitted.

The curfew was to be temporarily lifted in 19 districts including the Ratnapura and Pelmadulla Police areas tomorrow.

However, the Police said that while the curfew will be lifted in the 19 districts it will remain in the Ratnapura and Pelmadulla Police areas until further notice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The leaders’ decisions are costing the country since the independence.

    There is no scientific evidence to prove that COVID 19 spreads through air when you inhale. It only spreads through droplets when the patient of COVID 19 coughs or sneezes. However, if you wash your hands before eating or touching your eyes, nose or mouth the virus has no chance of getting into your body. It does not go through your skin.

    Even as I write in Australia South Asians are proving essential services, such as working in supermarkets, petrol stations, driving taxis etc. They are not dying by COVID 19. However, in Sri Lanka people are inside their house. Basically, the leaders do not know how to handle the situation. No wonder why the Sri Lanka rupee is more than Rs 200 against the US dollar. The Sri Lankan exchange rate against the other world currencies continues to go up since the independence. It is clear the leaders’ ability to govern the country continues to decline.

    The leaders continue talk about how good is to finish the civil war, but refuse to talk about how foolish to push the people to start the civil war to take the country backward. Notably, the leaders took more than 3 decades to push the people to start the civil war then it took them more than 3 decades to finish the war. This is the summary of the Sri Lankan leaders’ accomplishments since the independence.


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