Police warn individuals violating curfew to feed dogs, homeless

The Police have been instructed to take strict action against those stepping outside in violation of the islandwide Police curfew to perform social services.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Ajith Rohana said there are reports of groups stepping out to feed street dogs and homeless people without a valid curfew pass.

He said action will be taken against those found on the road for such purposes without a valid curfew pass.

A special Police team will be deployed tomorrow to apprehend such persons, he added. 

DIG Ajith Rohana fiurther said permission to use the National Identity Cards (NIC) or office ID cards as curfew permits for essential services has been extended till 21 April.

Individuals working for essential services have been urged to refrain from misusing their NICs and Office IDs for other purposes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There are more Politically connected goons out on the road than people with proper reasons and passes. First get rid of this menace.


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