Navy retrieves Sri Lankan onboard Italian cruise

A Sri Lankan national who was onboard the MSC Magnifica Cruise Ship heading towards Italy was retrieved from the vessel by the Sri Lanka Navy today.

The cruise ship, which began its journey on January 5, is heading towards Italy with 2700 passengers onboard.

Navy Media Spokesman Lieutenant Commander W.M.I. R. L. Sooriyabandara told the Colombo Gazette that the cruise ship had entered Sri Lankan waters this morning and had docked at the Colombo Harbour.

The Sri Lankan, who was working as a chef on the ship, was retrieved by a team of Navy officers who had been dispatched on the instructions of President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the Commander said.

The Navy Media Spokesman said the Sri Lankan national will be disinfected, and transferred to the quarantine centre at the Boossa Naval Base in the Southern Province to undergo a  21- day quarantine period. (Colombo Gazette)