GMOA says over 40000 people associated with COVID-19 patients

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) says over 40000 people who associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) patients in Sri Lanka, have been identified around the country.

GMOA Assistant Secretary Dr. Naveen de Soyza said that they were informed during talks with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa that Army intelligence officers had so far identified 42000 people who associated with the COVID-19 patients who are now in hospital.

He said that the health authorities are testing only around 300 people a day for the virus, which is not sufficient.

“At this rate when will we complete the testing?” Dr. Naveen de Soyza asked.

He said that the authorities must switch to using rapid test kits as opposed to polymerase chain reaction testing, better known as PCR.

Dr. Naveen de Soyza said that the quarantine process alone will not help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Saving small percentage of elderly people at the cost of young people’s future is not a wise decision.

    South Asia has one of the highest density populations per square km in Asia. You can lockdown the cities by curfew, but people will visit each other through fences. Lockdown will not work, only economy will continue to go backward. India is losing 4 billion US dollars a day since the lockdown.

    Force everyone to wear a mask and allow the people to return to normal life.

    Force everyone to wear face mask all the time, especially if they go out in public. So everyone can cover their noses and mouth so they won’t spread the virus by cough and sneeze. If people can’t afford to buy mask, homemade mask is a solution. Secondly, educate the people to wash their hands with soap before eating or touching their eyes, nose and mouth.


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