Over Rs. 32 million from Fonterra to support fight against COVID-19  

Multiple initiatives are under way by Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka, the company behind Anchor, to support the country’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and help sustain affected communities.

Rs. 10 million has been donated to the COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund established by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. This donation will provide for the humanitarian mission and the requirements of health workers and officials working tirelessly to keep the public safe.

Managing Director for Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent Sunil Sethi said, “We are indebted to the heroic efforts of the healthcare workers, the Tri-Forces and the Task Force set up under the leadership of the President, who are striving to help Sri Lanka overcome the situation. Our primary focus at this time is supporting their efforts.”

Fonterra is continuing to collect milk from its network of local dairy farmers, thereby providing them the reassurance of a guaranteed income in these uncertain times. In doing so, the company has put in place several systems to ensure the safety of milk collection operations including the provision of Personal Protective Equipment for the safety of the farmers and staff.

“In tough times such as these, what is most important is how all of us come together in supporting the collective humanitarian effort, and as a dairy company, we want to ensure we are safeguarding the livelihoods of our farmer network,” said Sethi.

Further through Anchor, the company has supported humanitarian initiatives such as Manusath Derana and Hiru Sahana Yathra that reach vast rural communities in need of food supplies and other aid. Meanwhile, teams from Fonterra have distributed rations to hospitals and healthcare workers and worked with its all island distribution networks to dispatch aid to needy communities.

Financial aid and product donations collectively amounting to over Rs. 12 million have gone towards these efforts to date.

With the necessary approvals obtained from the authorities and recommended controls in place, the company is honouring the government’s intention of ensuring the consistent supply of essential food items such as milk and milk powder and are looking at ways to broaden public access to its dairy products through online and other delivery services.

In all its operations, the company is ensuring the health and safety of its employees, having taken all precautions to safeguard them as it now operates with a team of essential and limited staff on-site. Fonterra has so far invested over Rs. 9 million in safety and hygiene controls across the supply chain on behalf of its team and partners during this health crisis.

“We’re very proud of our teams for the discipline, leadership and humanity they have demonstrated, and we continue to serve the nation at this time of need,” noted Sethi.o 05 & 06 – Teams from Fonterra have distributed rations to hospitals and healthcare workers



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