Public health inspectors threaten to withdraw

Public health inspectors have threatened to withdraw from COVID-19 related work.

In a media statement, the Public Health Inspectors’ (PHI) union said that PHI’s have been engaging in COVID-19 related work without seeking any additional benifits.

The trade union said that the work the PHI’s do in the fight against the coronavirus has placed, not just their lives but also the lives of their families at risk.

The union expressed disappointment over the failure of the health authorities to recognise the efforts of public health inspectors.

The union raised concerns over lack of basic facilities for public health inspectors engaged in COVID-19 related work.

The union said that if the concerns are not addressed they will withdraw from COVID-19 related work from 4 April. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These are unpatriotic opportunists. In other countries even retired doctors, nurses, and many of other professions, volunteers etc etc are helping out. Do not allow this. There are others who would make the same demand.

  2. Many have been idling in the offices or doing private business,
    or out of the office all day and now they under strain having to genuinely work. I see this every day.

  3. Damn opportunists.
    Sack the Union members. let the buggers go to their homes with nothing.

    Its not a job the PHI’s do now but a sacrifice for the Country & her people.

  4. I know a chap who who spends his time sitting hotel room, doing his private business. Free food and comforts ? How can these PHI
    work impartially ?


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