Individuals travelling without curfew pass to be arrested

Individuals found travelling on main roads and byroads without an official curfew pass during the islandwide Police curfew currently in effect will be arrested.

An islandwide Police curfew is in effect since 20 March to curtail the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in Sri Lanka.

The Police said only individuals and vehicles that have been permitted to use their service identity as a curfew pass will be allowed to travel during curfew hours.

Other persons who are found to have violated the curfew will be arrested without a warrant, and those charged with the offence in court will be imprisoned or imposed a fine, they said.

The Police further said the suspects will thereafter be handed over to a Public Health Inspector or the prison doctor for a medical report.

The Police added that the vehicles seized during this period will be placed under Police custody until the coronavirus outbreak is mitigated in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


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