Over 1400 remand prisoners to be freed

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Over 1400 remand prisoners jailed for minor offences are to be set free, the Prisons Department said today.

Commissioner General of Prisons T.M. Jayasiri Vijayanath Tennakoon told the Colombo Gazette that the remand prisoners are being freed to reduce the congestion in the prisons.

He said that with the spread of the coronavirus there were concerns over the congestion in the prisons.

As a result it was decided to free 1460 remand prisoners from a number of prisons around the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. All around the world criminals have been released due to coronavirus pandemic, but genuine journalist Julian Assange is not. The British court has refused bail for Julian Assange. This show how much the Western powers hate people who expose the West’s double standards. Chinese and South Asians haven’t done anything to Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. Those two gentlemen have sacrificed their life for others, but the world’s largest populated countries have ignored them. Based on this reality, I have a reservation for China and South Asia when it comes to global leadership. Therefore, Russia must play a leadership role to unite Asians to create a new world order. Notably, the West will continue to drumming against Russia and divide billions of Asians to keep its dominant power. However, coronavirus pandemic must unite Russia and the developing countries more than ever before.

    Australian war criminal Dragan ‘Rambo’ Vasiljkovic allowed to walk free from jail

    “To expose another human being to serious illness, and to the threat of losing their life, is grotesque and quite unnecessary. This is not justice, it is a barbaric decision.”


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