Government introduces hotlines to assist public

The Presidential Task Force on Essential Services has introduced a set of emergency hotlines for the public.

The hotlines have been set up for the public to obtain information and for the Task Force to announce necessary information to the public.

The public can contact the Presidential Task Force on Essential Services via the hotlines 0114 35 48 54 / 0114 73 36 00 / 0113 456 200-4 , or Fax – 0112 33 30 66 or the official website: 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Council and Local Government too has introduced a set of hotlines.

The hotlines have been announced for the public as part of the Ministry’s quick disaster relief system.

The public have been urged to report any issues faced by them due to the current situation in the country or any other issues via the hotlines 0760 390 981 / 0760 390 437 / 0712 500 031 / 0766 528 068. (Colombo Gazette)



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