Concerns raised over Katunayake EPZ employees

Concerns have been raised over the employees of the Katunayake Export Processing Zone (EPZ) following the closure of the industrial zone today.

A large number of the employees had gathered outside the industrial zone this morning to be loaded on buses and sent home.

The employees had been asked to vacate their temporary lodging at the industrial zone and to return home.

However, before they were loaded onto buses they were tested for fever.

The process saw the employees and their family members gathered together in large numbers, posing a risk of spreading the coronavirus among them.

“The large gathering of Katunayake EPZ employees this morning following its closure may actually have increased the risk of spreading #COVID19SL. Even well-intended plans may end up counter-productive unless properly communicated and executed. In a crisis, every step matters,” former Parliament Speaker Karu Jayasuriya tweeted. (Colombo Gazette)


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