Pregnant women advised to take precautions

Pregnant women in Sri Lanka have been urged to be vigilant and take precautionary measures in light of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the country.

Consultant Community Physician Dr. Kapila Jayaratne said the novel coronavirus shows less to no symptoms in pregnant women.

Studies conducted by the US and China have proved that less than 200 pregnant women had contracted the virus during the outbreak in China, with no death reported.

Dr. Jayaratne said according to the studies, despite pregnant women showing less to no symptoms, the child has shown no symptoms of the virus.

Even though pregnant women are a minor group falling victim to the coronavirus, they have been urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautionary measures.

Dr. Kapila Jayaratne requested pregnant women to refrain from crowds and visiting crowded areas.

Pregnant women must immediately report to the nearest hospital if experiencing throat ache, fever, Phlegm or cough, he advised. (Colombo Gazette)


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