Concerns raised over large gatherings in supermarkets when curfew is relaxed

Concerns have been raised over large gatherings expected in supermarkets when the curfew is relaxed for a few hours on Tuesday.

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) has written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa requesting for immediate measures to be taken to prevent the gathering of the general public immediately after the curfew is relaxed.

“We are concerned about the negative consequences that can result in by large gatherings of people in supermarkets to buy essential food and other items once curfew is lifted on Tuesday. We run the risk of all the good work being undone within few hours,” SLMA said.

SLMA requested the President to take measures to ensure distribution of dry rations and other essential items to needy houses tomorrow (Monday).

“For example, Pre- prepared packages can be delivered close to households at least in the areas considered to be of high risk (Colombo, Putalam and parts of Gampaha Districts), for a concessionary price or at cost (e.g Rs. 1000.00) with the support of tri forces. We understand that Tri forces are the only organization that can accomplish such an operation. If this can be done, curfew can be continued to get the maximum benefit of it in curtailing the spread of COVID 19 infection,” SLMA said.

The SLMA also thanked the President and the Government for the positive work undertaken so far and fervently urges the President to consider their request to further strengthen the country’s fight against COVID-19. (Colombo Gazette)


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