Leading hotels in Sri Lanka offered as quarantine centres

Leading hotels in Sri Lanka have been offered as quarantine centres to the Government, if the need arises.

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, Citrus Waskaduwa and Club Hotel Dolphin in Negombo are among the first few hotels which have been offered as quarantine centres.

The 150-room Citrus Waskaduwa has been offered to be used as a quarantine centre by the National Operations Centre to Prevent COVID-19 on a temporary basis, should the need arise.

John Keells Holdings said it has offered its 81-room Trinco Blu by Cinnamon in the east as a centre for quarantine to the Government if the need arises.

JKH Chairman Krishan Balendra has written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa making this offer as part of the broader public-private sector collaborative effort to mitigate the spread of new coronavrius in the country.

The Board of Directors of the public listed Waskaduwa Beach Resort Plc said on Saturday it took this decision considering the current crisis faced by the nation and the world at large.

Citrus said in the event the authorities decide to use the resort temporarily, it would be completely decontaminated in keeping with international standards before normal resort operations commence.

Hemas Holdings Plc said it has offered Club Hotel Dolphin in Negombo as a quarantine centre to the Government.

Club Hotel Dolphin is a 4-star property with 154 rooms situated in Waikkal. It is owned by Serendib Hotels Plc, which is part of Hemas Holdings Plc.

The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) said its members had agreed to offer their facilities to house those who are subject to two weeks of quarantine at remote locations as well as medical staff who are unable to get home after work. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. They do not state the cost and that is the question. Will the public be the ultimate settler of the cost, going by the large tax relief and reduction to the public with an impending large fiscal deficit.

  2. Instead of criticising let’s all get together and get through this “challenge”. The hotels may be empty, but it is still a magnamous gesture to offer the facilities for public use if a medical emergency should arise. If this virus cannot be contained at the early stages then people will be on their bended knees thanking the hotel proprietors for their generosity.

    Every nation is offering economic and social welfare packages to their citizens. The aim is to stimulate the economy and alleviate the needs of those suffering hardship. Eventually, the tax payer will have to bear the burden. This will be the reality worldwide.

    Stop all this unnecessary criticism and look at what you can do to help your fellow citizens. This is a time for unity not division.


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