Public urged not to harass foreigners

The general public have been urged to refrain from harassing foreign nationals currently in Sri Lanka.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Ajith Rohana said many reports have been received on the harassment of foreign nationals in light of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

He said an urgent request was made from him to inspect a foreign national who was spotted travelling on the Southern Expressway.

The foreigner was identified as the owner of a Villa in the Southern Province and had arrived from Europe 6- months ago, the DIG said.

He said another incident was reported in Mawanella where a Chinese National had been mistreated.

DIG Ajith Rohana pointed out that not all foreign nationals were infected with covid-19, and are simply tourists.

The public are urged to keep in mind the contribution of foreign nationals to the tourism sector and have been urged to refrain from mistreating them. (Colombo Gazette)


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