Unauthorised test kits used to detect virus seized

The Health Ministry has seized unauthorised test kits used by some private hospitals to detect the coronavirus.

Director General of Health Dr. Anil Jasinghe said that private hospitals have been advised not to conduct tests for the coronavirus.

He said that unauthorised test kits used by some private hospitals have now been seized.

Jasinghe said that the Health Ministry has full confidence in the facilities at the designated Government hospitals treating coronavirus patients.

He also said that the Government needs to keep a tab on the patients and as a result such patients must ensure they seek treatment at a Government hospital. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Idiotic limiting approach, you mean.
    We should use all the facilities and support we can garner for this common purpose.
    What’s the assurance that the government medical services are up to par?
    I mean, if it were, then there would be so much less demand for private service in the nation.
    Set it up, the standards of testing and the co-ordination necessary for a holistic results oriented system!
    Stop putting your ‘Head-In-The-Sand’ and ‘Beating Your Chest’ claiming to be ‘I am IT’…


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