Pre- schools in Western Province granted holidays from today

Holidays will be granted to all Pre- schools within the Western Province in accordance with the holiday declared for government schools, the western Province Education Department said.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Children’s Affairs said all Pre- schools in the country will be closed until 20 April.

Special instructions have been issued to Day Care Centres as well, it added.

The Ministry of Education yesterday (12) announced all government schools will be temporarily closed from today (13) till 20 April.

Addressing the media last afternoon, Minister Dullus Alahapperuma said the temporary closure of schools will commence with the first term school holidays beginning today. 

The decision was taken following a discussion with Officials from the Ministry of Education yesterday, he said.

The Minister added that the threat posed by the spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka was a key reason for the temporary closure of government schools.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Education Office of Colombo also announced all private and international schools in Colombo will be closed from today (13).

The Catholic Education Office of Colombo added that all private and international schools in Colombo will remain closed till 26 March.

All Buddhist Dhama Schools (Daham Pasal) will also be closed till 26 April.

Moreover, the Lecturers’ Professional Association has requested tuition masters island-wide not to conduct classes for two weeks from today (13), keeping with the government’s decision to temporarily close all government schools. (Colombo Gazette)