President inspects Kalutara North Calido beach project

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa inspected the progress of the Kalutara North Calido beach Development Project, today (08).

After attending a ceremony held in Kalutara President Rajapaksa visited the beach.

The 2017 floods caused erosion of sand bars close to the estuary. This has resulted in the erosion of a vast area of beach in Kalutara North due to encroaching waves.

As a remedy, coastal conservation was begun dredging sand from deep sea. The project is in three stages.

Under the first phase of the project, a 2 km long and 25 m wide an artificial beach will be constructed. Three hundred thousand cubic meters of sand will be used for the filling process.

The 500 meter section has already been completed. ‘The first phase is expected to be completed within two weeks’, Chief Engineer of Coastal Development, Mr. Sujeewa Ranawaka told the President.

The 1 Km stretch Angulana beach under the second phase and 500m Mount Lavinia beach under the third phase will be developed.

While moving towards Kalutara the President’s attention was drawn to the daily city cleaning process around Moratuwa, Panadura.

The President immediately informed the representatives of the local government bodies and police officials about the unsatisfactory cleaning process around these cities.

President Rajapaksa instructed the officials to carry out an immediate investigation into the failure to keep proper daily cleaning services and to clean up the city as soon as possible. He also stressed that this process should continue.