Controversial Batticaloa university to be used as quarantine centre

The controversial private university in Batticaloa is to be used as a quarantine centre for coronavirus.

Health Director General Dr. Anil Jasinghe wrote to the university saying the premises will be acquired until further notice to be used as a quarantine centre.

The university drew negative publicity after the Easter Sunday attacks last year following allegations of financial irregularities including the violation of financial regulations, forcible acquisition of land and teaching of Sharia law. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. @MfRandom. You are absolutely correct. But my point is, let’s not allow what happened in Belgium with Saudi sponsored Wahhabism making areas no go zones for Belgians in their own country and the spawning ground for European terrorism. Western Political Correctness has and will get a lot of innocent people killed. Thankfully the GOSL appears to have woken up.

    And, yes we all know how the great defenders of human rights handled the Jamal Khashoggi murder in order to safeguard a billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Where have all our journalists disappeared to ?

  2. Would be better if this terrorist training institution was used as a toilet. What other purpose than to radicalise gullible youth was this institution established for ? Ask the Belgians what Saudi Arabian funded Whabi institutions have done to foster assimilation and harmonious race relations. This so called religion of peace will destroy racial harmony. Read and understand before it is too late.

    • One must not forget that Saudi and Wahabism is fully sponsored ans supported by America and Israel.

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