Protest staged against quarantine centre in Hendala

A protest was staged today opposite the Leprosy Hospital in Hendala, Wattala, which was recently converted into a quarantine centre for coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday (04) announced that the Hospital will be  converted as the main quarantine centre for Sri Lankans arriving from coronavirus- hit countries.

A decision was taken to convert the hospital as a quarantine centre following a discussion held at the Ministry of Health under the patronage of subject Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi recently.

The Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe, making a special statement, said the ministry had decided to quarantine for 14- days Sri Lankans arriving from countries such as Iran, South Korea and Italy, battling the spread of the virus. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Apparently there were Buddhist Monks and Catholic priests, etc at this ‘protest’. I want to ask ALL the Monks and Priests ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT CITIZENS BEING POISONED BY SOY/SOYA FOODS?’. You are doing NOTHING about the falling birth rates, rising impotency/steriliry, etc but can protest a government’s good initiatives.

    I have live abroad extensively – Nobody understand, it is still WINTER in these countries with temperatures below 10C… Sri Lanka is a very hot country and is, somewhat, safe.

    The Government is taking due precautions, just like the excellent precautions take during the Mad-Cow diseases, etc.

    These Monks and Priests, etc are RACISTS HYPOCRITES and are POLITICALLY and CASH MOTIVATED!


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