US hails success by Sri Lanka Navy in combating illegal drugs

The United States today congratulated the Sri Lanka Navy on its latest success which involved combating illegal drugs.

The US Embassy in Colombo said the US remains committed to combating illegal drugs around the world and are happy to collaborate with partners who are likewise committed.

The Embassy said that the ships Samudura and Gajabahu, which were donated by the US,¬†help secure Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

The Sri Lanka Navy had this week seized two fishing vessels with heroin and ICE.

The fishing vessels were seized after the Police Narcotics Bureau received intelligence information and alerted the Navy.

The Navy deployed Offshore Patrol Vessels and conducted a special operation in the high seas over a period of one month.

Subsequently two Sri Lankan fishing vessels with over 75 kilograms of substance believed to be heroin and 66 kilograms of substance believe to be ICE were intercepted in the Southern seas and four suspects were arrested.

A vessel without a flag state was initially seized on suspicion it was supplying narcotics to Sri Lankan vessels at sea.

Based on information received a similar vessel without a flag state was seized in the high seas.

The mission was conducted about 600 nautical miles (1111km) away from Sri Lankan shores.

The Navy said that a total of 400 kg of substance believed to be heroin (in 397 packets) and 100kg of substance believed to be ICE (in 100 packets) were seized.

This is believed to be the biggest haul of narcotics seized in an operation at sea. (Colombo Gazette)


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