Brave blokes take on the ‘Monster Burger’ challenge at Cheeseheads

If a cheeseburger filled with cheese sauce is not already cheesy enough, how about the patty stuffed with mozzarella too? Last week, gutty contestants took on a trailblazing food challenge when Cheeseheads, the all-things-cheese restaurant of Food Studio, invited foodies to take on a “Monster Burger” at their outlet at the One Galle Face mall.

Contestants needed to eat the entire exclusive burger by themselves, which was not just massive in size – consisting of 9 patties – but also packed with flavors, and of course, extra servings of cheese. Finishing the burger within 20 minutes promised the meal on the house. Conquerors would also walk away with meal vouchers courtesy Food Studio for their win.

Cheered on by a crowded food court, 1 contestant, Theminda came closest to finish by relishing down 7 of the 9 patties. At end of play however, the Monster Burger stood tall and mighty, undefeated by the contestants.

Visit Cheeseheads today for a fix of anything cheesy. Priced from Rs.900 upwards, this cheeselicious restaurant serves classic cheese-based food items along with some modern fusion dishes such as the Kochchi Sausage Mac n Cheese, Qoftas with Cheese Sauce, Halloumi Cheese Skewers, Mexican Enchiladas and a definite fan favorite – the Cheese Fountain.

About Food Studio

We are Sri Lanka’s first Food Atrium. We aim to redefine the gastronomic experience in Sri Lankan shopping malls by introducing a new concept. Encapsulated by our tag line “Connect and Collaborate”, which reflects our core, we do not follow the standard model of large-scale food courts, instead, we break norms by developing relationships with our patrons and stakeholders, both in Sri Lanka and international.  We are called “Food Studio” because a “studio” is our visualization of that gastronomic space and community that we intend to create. Our business model is inclusive of both small business owners to large franchise restaurants, our cuisines range from street food to fine dining. We strive to create a dynamic community in which to foster a new food culture.

Currently housed at the Colombo City Centre and the One Galle Face mall, Food Studio will continue to redefine the gastronomic experience in Sri Lanka with its third opening at Havelock City in the year 2021.


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