President does not want his photographs displayed

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has issued instructions not to display his photographs and portraits in public.

The President’s Office said that it has been observed that the President’s portraits and photographs are displayed on the sides of the road and locations of ceremonies without proper supervision.

While expressing his gratitude to the people who create his portraits the President has said that it is appropriate to avoid such actions. He further says that he does not appreciate the promotion of his personal image.


  1. Does the country has the former defence secretary who eliminated the ruthless terrorism?

    Who is following who? The others are listening to the President or President is listening to the others?

    100 days have gone and the election is coming soon, but still people are protesting for anything and everything.and the opposition talks nonsense. I don’t see any significant improvement to lift the economy. Inflation is extremely high. Cost of living is higher in Sri Lanka than in Malaysia.

    Early this year the President should have taken appropriate action on Central Bank scandals(UNP) and the Easter Sunday bombings(SLFP). If he would have done that average citizens will behave orderly, including university students.


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