Twenty- five Kelaniya University students suspended for 2 years

The University of Kelaniya announced today that twenty- five students have been suspended for 2 years.

The University Administration said the students were suspended on charges of removing and causing damage to the CCTV camera system installed for security purposes in the university premises.

On Monday (24) a group of members of the Students Union of the University of Kelaniya had removed the CCTV camera system, charging that this was a measure taken by the university to monitor and control students.

Sixteen students from the University, including a monk, were taken into Police custody yesterday (27) over the incident, while twelve out of the group were granted police bail.

The Police said charges will be filed under the Public Properties Act against the remaining 4 students who were allegedly directly involved in the removal of the CCTV camera system.

The University Administration further announced that the Dalugama premises of the university will be out of bounds for all students from 9 AM tomorrow (29). (Colombo Gazette)