President says most of his time spent to deal with protests

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says most of his time is spent to deal with protests than other work.

Speaking at an event at the Parliamentary Complex today, Rajapaksa said that a number of protests are staged near the Presidential Secretariat these days.

He said that most of his time and that of his staff is spent on dealing with the protesters.

The President said that in future the respective Ministries will need to directly get involved and address the issues of the protesters.

On the recommendation of the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA), Government bodies which have achieved a high performance level in the year 2018 were presented with awards at the Parliamentary Complex under the patronage of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Of the 844 institutions of State, Provincial Councils and Local Government that have been evaluated, 109 institutions were picked to be awarded.

They were presented with 55, 23 and 31, Gold and Silver awards and certificates of commendation respectively.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Minister Johnston Fernando, Chairman of the Committee on Public Accounts, State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna, Members of Parliament Sisira Jayakody, Dulip Wijesekara, Secretary-General of Parliament,  Dhammika Dasanayake, Auditor General, Secretaries to the Ministries, Heads of Departments and Government Officials were present at the occasion. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Too much freedom to everyone won’t get you anywhere. The people’s knowledge and their evolution should decide how much freedom they deserve. You have fell into the trap of the West if you give freedom to anyone and everyone. Don’t ever think that the West will give everything to you so you can come up and rule them. Decide what is good for your people according to their knowledge. If they don’t have enough knowledge to do what is acceptable then law must guide the people to what is acceptable until they are evolved with knowledge to do what is acceptable, this is call leadership. If you do everything according to the West, India or China, you are not a leader but a puppet of the foreign powers.

  2. If I am the President I will carry out the following tasks.

    First and foremost I will dismantle the oppositions so the lazy people can’t choose the easy way out by changing the government.

    I will pass the law to provide free education and health care for only one child. The government will take parents’ assets to support their children if parents have more than one child but neglected their children’s need. If parents don’t have assets they will be forced to perform hard work to look after their children, including hard labour.

    I will increase the school fees by the same amount of monthly tuition fees paid by parents to increase the teachers’ salary and ban the tuition classes altogether.

    I will make sure that every citizen who is 19-60 of age must be occupied with education, employment or voluntary work, including farming.

    I will pass the law to bring back capital punishment for murder, rape, terrorism and drug trafficking.

    I will pass the law to cap the vehicles for every province according to the road facilities.

    I will make provision to sack the government servants who accept bribes. Also to sack the government servants and cancel their pension if their productivity is leas than 70%.

  3. Unenviable position. The large cake of opportunity, progress, and assets has shrunk with the rats of society secretly nibbling at it from all sides. The protesters are not looking at the cake alone , but their pound of flesh. Some of them and politicians are the cause of the country going down the drain filing up with pollution, and we may soon see a catastrophe of some degree. Tread very carefully.


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