President orders suspension of palm cultivation

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has ordered officials to take measures to immediately halt palm cultivation in the country, the President’s Media Unit said.

The order was issued during a meeting with the Galle District Development Committee today.

President Rajapaksa, upon his arrival, had inquired from the public in the area of the issues faced by them.

They had informed the President of the harm caused to the environment due to the cultivation of palm oil, pointing out that it had led to a severe water shortage in the area.

The issue had been taken up as the preliminary matter of discussion with the Galle District Development Committee, the President’s Media Unit said

It said the president declared it was pointless if the cultivation of palm was considered high income when causing harm to the environment. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Thanks to the President. Everybody with a piece of few acres is jumping on this environmentally harmful bandwagon. The law to penalise abandoning cultivatable paddy lands needs to be revisited. Such land should be acquired and distributed to community farmers on a lease with guaranteed purchase.

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