Mahinda’s son says sorry after outrage over comments

Rohitha Rajapaksa, son of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, today apologised after comments he made on social media drew strong reactions.

In a tweet this evening Rohitha Rajapaksa said he had no intention to deliberately cause distress to any individual and or community and that he had made the statement as a result of a “targeted offensive comment”.

“I recently made a statement as a result of a targeted offensive comment. It was not my intention to deliberately cause distress to any individual and/or community. Therefore, I sincerely apologise,” he tweeted.

Earlier, an individual had tweeted saying “all what we have achieved is to see you three brothers get married in the same year with 9 ceremonies and your in-laws become most eligible for state positions and you live out of public money at temple frees despite having sent a rocket to wherever”.

Rohitha Rajapaksa had then responded to the tweet saying “There is no clause I have to declare my private assets and show off. But trust me no public fund is used for our personal benefits. Why don’t you get ur self a proper job and an education so you won’t be jealous of another persons success. Get a wife and make children”.

To another tweet Rohitha Rajapaksa had responded saying “You seem to know a lot more than the CID, please join and make them finish these cases soon so you can find ur self a boyfriend who can keep you company”. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I have no qualms with the Rajapakshas leading the country. They’re doing better than most others would. The fact that someone who just received a PhD can be so narrow-minded and unclassy was disgusting. Last I checked, getting a spouse isn’t the biggest accomplishment in anyone’s life and certainly shouldn’t dictate anything about a person’s looks, personality, level of education or wealth. Trying to block other peoples’ opinions with THOSE comebacks is just plain stupid. The fact that he emphasises on partners and making kids suggests that getting married is his biggest accomplishment. Honestly disappointed

  2. For a man who claims to be educated at a premier college down Mt.Lavina, with a Pigan Hodana Diploma to boot, the use of grammar and sentence structure, even in a Tweet, is atrocious, to say the least!! ‘T’is no wonder that these yakkos failed their OLs and a curse on this nation! A bunch of shameless freeloaders, their equally shameless spouses and extended families here to milk us dry!! One really needs to investigate what Yoshitha the bogus naval officer and his social media team are doing at the Temple Trees office!!???

    • Exactly, shameless spouses. When we see people like Sangakkara and his wife as a couple, we feel very proud of them for bringing honour to the country. All the good wishes coming from the bottom of our hearts for them. But when we see these free loaders who are living on poor country’s tax money, we feel like throwing up. They are like cheap “Avurudu Kumarees”.

  3. It is pathetic that some Sri Lankans are so full with hatred towards them. So hateful that These guys cannot marry,study, have kids or says anything they like. It must be so miserable for them to live like this. Have a go at Daham and Chaturika. They have nothing and rocketed to be millionaires or even more under Yahapalana regime.

    • I see you have no clue what happened around, or maybe you are from the same type. People are not hatred or jealous; they are talking about social injustice. While the Sri Lankan young generation study hard, sit for competitive exams, these people use father’s power and got Navy scholarships, PhD, Law degrees from the backdoor. They have no brains or talent (except the pumped up muscles) for anyone to feel jealous about. People feel jealous about when someone has exceptional talent. True Daham and Chaturika robbed the public money, but they or their mother were not involved in any killing or disappearances. That is the difference. We have seen similar situations with Saddam Hussein’s family. His sons also had ill-gotten money, ill-gotten degrees, hope you know what happened to the family at the end. Think about Qaddafi’s family. History usually repeats, and the Natural Justice has a strange way of coming irrespective of caste, creed, religion or power . This doesn’t apply to GR family, the son earned his position legitimately.

  4. Sana boy,People who live in glass houses better not throw stones at others. When many knew about your parents, you were not even born, and many still remember how hard-up they were with money. Many still remember the days your papa as a young MP roaming around Tangalle Balika, I am not going to say for what. We know how all of you got rich, we know what happened to the gold stole from people in Jaffna, those money is cursed. You are bragging about your wealth, having a family (wife and children), but think about the tears of the weeping families, when your parents robbed their wealth and the children. Be careful, curses don’t come immediately, it takes it’s own sweet time. You have never worked in your whole life, don’t you think as a man what a shame that is? To live your family on public money. At least learn something from your cousin Manoj, without putting his leg where it doesn’t belong.

  5. ppl are just so vile ! Jealousy is ingrained in their brains. Seen ppl criticisie others just ‘coz they are well dressed or are wearing expensive accessories, sometines even non-expensive items ! Even in the same family there’s jealousy among sibings sometimes. Have heard ppl speak ill of others they don’t even know personally ‘coz they are way higher up in some way, wealthy educated or talented etc. Jealousy blinds them so much they fail to rationalise or analyse their own feelings – just believing what they feel is right !!! Social media is a weapon they use to vent their fury which are consuming them within themselves. So it is best for victims to ignore or block these comments and get on with their lives regardless.

  6. Rocket Scientist should not need to tell us how he got his PhD, and his brother got the Law degree. Everyone knows. Same way we know how they had money for three weddings within 12 months. Everybody knows what is the proportion of Brain/muscle of Rajapakse clan (except for GR’s son, who earned a real degree from Duke U). People know about the muscle mass of hybrid bulls import from India those days.

  7. A swollen headed idiot.
    For his behaviour his father should be whipped.
    What does he do for a living? Living off illgotten money.
    O/L ? A/L /, what is the major of the first degree? PhD my foot.
    Nobody needs to insult the prime minister. Insults are automatically generated with out his knowledge.
    need to send him to plough the paddy fields.

    • Good question dickie bird. OL, AL? Those days the mother queen used to take this idiot’s St. Thomas teachers on their entourage to overseas trips, to NY, to India etc to bribe them to get good grades for this nincompoop. Again on public funds. Hope people remember what is the size of those entourages, and what kind of public money they wasted. Now the clan is larger with 3 daughters in law and their families. People voted for GR not to get this greedy clan to destroy the country again. Mr. Gotabaya, please keep your promises to the voters who trusted you, they preferred your wife as the first lady instead of a painted porcelain structure, they preferred your son instead of 3 air headed oxen.

  8. Sorry is before capturing power, afterwards you all will be sorry for helping to re-establish the Banana Republic with Family Rule.

  9. There’s no conscience in the Rajapaksa clan. That’s the only way these folks keep their heads up in spite of everything they have done to ruin this country.

  10. Those who talk about freedom must allow freedom of speech. If can’t take a shot back don’t fire one. Nothing wrong with his reply.

    Being a son of a public official as the president – son you need to be careful with what you say. Right or wrong – diplomacy must prevail. Dogs bite men – men don’t bite dogs. Show them what it is to be educated.

  11. Rohita should find out about Gandhi’s wealth as the man who fought for the independence of South Asia before he talks about his success through his father Mahinda Rajapaksa. Rohita must understand that people know how quickly the Rajapaksa became extremely rich. The people don’t talk about it very often, it doesn’t mean they don’t know the truth.

  12. Also, Rohita has nothing to apologise for. He is enitled to a right of reply, and also to voice his opinion. And, good on him for doing so.

    • “Why don’t you get ur self a proper job and an education so you won’t be jealous of another persons success. Get a wife and make children”. “…so you can find ur self a boyfriend who can keep you company” Are these comments normal? If someone says those comments are appropriate then, that person needs education too to understand ethics. Rohitha R has to address the issue than bashing the person. No his comments are NOT appropriate. PERIOD. He realized he was unethical and later apologized.

  13. Rohita, the last thing Sri Lanka needs is more children!

    This comment is directed to all those who have stolen from our country (not Rohita personally): As you sow, so shall you reap. Unfortunately, it will be the families of those that have stolen who will reap the misery. Suffering, disease, and misery will be part of their daily lives.There is no escaping this fact. There is nothing surer in life.

    I’ll gotten wealth will gain a person nothing. The forces of nature will arrive to claim their pound of flesh. Be afraid; be very afraid. And, if you dare to laugh, it will be very temporary indeed !

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