Draft bill on PC polls to be submitted to cabinet

Minister of Justice, Human Rights & Legal Reforms, Nimal Siripala de Silva is to present a draft bill to the Cabinet of Ministers next week to hold the Provincial Council elections 2 months after the Parliamentary elections.

The Minister made this announcement while addressing a public gathering in Mahiyanganaya yesterday (22).

He said Provincial Councils are currently non- operational and do not consist of a ministerial council.

The Minister pointed out that the former government had obtained a number of loans and had failed to repay the loans, due to which the current government has to face the repayment of such loans.

The Minister of Justice said despite the government attempting to put forth a bill to rectify this situation, the United national Party (UNP) had obstructed such moves, as the government did not hold a majority in Parliament.

“The UNP only works for its advantage and not for the needs of the people or to provide concessions to the struggling public.”  he said.

Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said the government intends to regain power through the Provincial Council elections, so that the public can obtain its services once again. (Colombo Gazette)