General Manager of Hilton Yala Resort Honored with The Pioneering Woman Leader Award in Mumbai

Mrs. Gitanjali Chakravarthy Haaland, General Manager of Hilton Yala Resort was honored with The Pioneering Woman Leader Award at the 7th Edition of World Woman Leadership Congress on the 17th February 2020 at Taj Lands Ends, Mumbai.

The World Women Leadership Congress (WWLC) honors the strategic and influential roles of various women leaders in the development of modern economy, technology and administrative methodologies that promote the advancement of the government and business organization according to the standards of global competitiveness. WWLC hosts over 400 women from over 50 nationalities across various domains.

“The Women Leadership Award” recognizes and appreciates the profound role played by women as leaders, executioners and decision makers, in shaping the future of the region and nation, and who embody the qualities of leadership in displaying active, creative and integrative efforts in achieving the best possible results in the national and regional development plans.

Mrs. Gitanjali Chakravarthy created history in September 2019 in Sri Lanka tourism, when she took up the challenge to be the first Sri Lankan female to hold the position of General Manager for an international hotel brand, by taking over the position of General Manager of Hilton Yala Resort, the newly ventured Hilton property, which is scheduled to open its doors during the 3rd quarter of 2020. Her career in hospitality expands to over 30 years, in which she has worked in countries such as Maldives, Yemen, US, UK, Bhutan, Indonesia, Thailand and now in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, she was previously recognized at the “Top 50 Professional & Career Women Awards – Ninth Edition”- Sri Lanka & Maldives on the 6th September 2019 as well as the Sri Lanka’s Women Leaders – Hospitality Professional, by World Women Leadership Congress on the 17th July 2019.


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