Fight begins in Australia against deportation of Sri Lankan Tamil family

The fight to keep a Sri Lankan Tamil family in Australia has started in Melbourne with Government lawyers filing last-minute evidence, The Australian reported.

Sri Lankan couple Priya and Nades Murugappan and their Australian-born daughters Kopika and Tharunicaa, aged four and two, are detained on Christmas Island.

Government “lawyers decided just prior to the hearing they now wish to file more evidence so we’re not in a position to proceed with the second ground today”, the family’s lawyer Carina Ford explained outside the Federal Court on Friday.

Priya, Nades and Kopika have been refused refugee status and the legal battle hinges on Tharunicaa and her right to apply for protection.

The second ground relates to ministerial use of powers under a section of the immigration act and whether the process was fair.

“It is a bit disappointing to know things aren’t quite ready on the minister’s side,” Ms Ford said.

The lawyer visited the family this month and said they were “holding up ok” but were lonely.

“The conditions where they’re living is not great, it’s really run down,” she said.

The family settled in the Queensland country town of Biloela before being taken to detention in Melbourne in March 2018, then transferred to Christmas Island in 2019.

“We’re begging the immigration minister (David Coleman) and home affairs minister (Peter Dutton) to let this family out and let this family go back to Biloela, at least while they go through the legal process,” Tamil Refugee Council spokesman Aran Mylvaganam said.

The situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka had also become worse with the election of a new president, he said.

The family remain on the island and the case will continue on Tuesday before Justice Mark Moshinsky. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This family is lying to live in Australia, because Sri Lanka doesn’t have enough opportunities to come up.

    Following post has been posted on Mahinda, Gotabaya and Namal Rajapaksas’ Facebook…

    Last Monday, the BIA departure level waiting area were full. I was sitting on the luggage roller while waiting to catch the flight to Malaysia. Sri Lanka has enough money to provide seats for tourists, but the money has not been managed properly. Most of the funds are allocated for free education and free health care system to encourage breed as rabbits. The government should only provide free education and health care for one child. If the parents want more children then parents must take care of their children, their children should not become burden to the country. Also unwarranted government jobs and salary increase have been offered to the public to get votes. Most of the government servants’ productivity is less than 50%. This has to be changed to save money to fund other important projects. Teachers suppose to create honest and hard working future generations. But in Sri Lanka teachers indirectly teach students how to cheat by fooling the students during the school hours, in order to earn extra money from the tuition classes. The Rajapaksas government must find out average tuition fees paid by parents. Then increase the school fees by the same amount to increase the salaries of teachers and ban the tuition classes altogether. Teachers who breach the law must be punished with huge fines. If you are serious about developing the country then stop the teachers teaching the future generations how to rip off their motherland and become lazy.

  2. These are economic migrants, not refugees. After settling down in other countries, they visit Sri Lanka, some even apply for dual citizenships !


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