Cricket will die prematurely if ‘Big 3’ model stays: Steve Waugh

Australia legend Steve Waugh has opposed the ‘Big 3’ model of cricket. According to him, India, Australia and England will earn more from cricket. And they will divide the money among themselves. In this way, cricket cannot play.

According to Waugh, “For example, a piece of cake. Most of the parts of the cake were eaten by India, Australia and England. Then what will Zimbabwe, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh eat? What will happen to the rest if most of the money is allocated to the development of cricket in three countries?” “The Big 3’ is a ‘capitalist’ theory. Here the main theme is the business. The three models want more money. My question is – do they really want cricket development? Want to spread it all over the world? Want to increase the globalization of cricket? Then they will have to pay dividends to the rest of the country,” he added. 

The 54-year-old cricketer believes that money needs to go to Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Sri Lanka. Otherwise cricket will not survive. It will die prematurely. 

However, Waugh also opposed the idea of converting Test matches into just 4 days. “There are too many changes going around these days. There is nothing wrong with tradition. Some of the best Test matches go till the fifth day. I think if the length of Test matches is reduced then the standard of cricket will drop. Spinners will go out of the game,” he said. (bdcrictime)


  1. Sri Lanka cannot be compared with Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Ireland, after all, inter alia, we have been World Champions in 1996.

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