ODEL’S  Luv SL recognized for its Aluminum Recycling CSR initiative by the Central Environmental Authority

The Central Environmental Authority recently awarded Luv SL by ODEL PLC, the ‘Melting Point Certification’ for its innovative Aluminum recycling initiative, where Aluminum waste that congests landfills, pollutes the environment and consumes unsustainable amounts of energy have been recycled to create a range of products such as jewelry, household items and accessories under Luv SL by ODEL.

Luv SL collects used aluminum cans in bulk, which in turn are melted down, casted and converted into a range of attractive products that are made available for discerning customers at their outlets.

Although Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earths crust, the production of the metal and the subsequent disposal contributes significantly to overall environmental pollution.

“We may not realize it, but Aluminum production is a key contributor to environmental pollution. The process of extracting, processing and disposing the metal results in significant levels of carbon emissions, and the entire process consumes an unsustainable amount of energy. The metal is extremely useful, considering its abundant availability, durability, anti-corrosive properties and lightness, yet as it comes with its own disadvantages, as corporates, we have a responsibility to create innovative upcycling processes that address these disadvantages and make the most of these material” stated a release from ODEL, a subsidiary of the Softlogic Group of Companies.

The release went on to state that through this innovative recycling initiative, the carbon footprint of Aluminum waste, specially in the form of Aluminum cans will be significantly reduced. As aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, this simple yet effective technology can, in the long run, significantly reduce the energy consumption by reusing the same aluminum multiple times.  This will play a key role in creating a sustainable Sri Lanka.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and beneficial, the project also uplifts the lives of the Brass sculptors in the Central province, providing them with an additional income and livelihood by showcasing their skills. The legendary brass sculpting techniques, brought down from generation to generation are being used to melt, cast and up cycle the discarded cans into the unique, handcrafted pieces that are sold at Luv SL.

Up cycled, hand casted, handcrafted and what’s more, with provision to be upcycled once again, these beautifully hand-crafted products can now be purchased at the Luv SL department located at ODEL- Alexandra Place.

The standalone Luv SL stores combine concrete and wood for a modern yet earthy appearance that uses shades of brown, black and silver. The colourful, distinctly tropical materials and motifs imbued in traditional Sri Lankan objects’ d’art have been utilised to produce a wide spectrum of products ranging from casual clothing and accessories to stationery, mugs, picture frames, toys, cosmetics and toiletries, curios and even confectionery retailed under the Luv SL brand.

ODEL PLC is a part of the Softlogic group of companies, one of Sri Lanka’s largest diversified conglomerates which holds leading market positions in growing economic sectors in retail, healthcare, ICT, automobiles, leisure and financial services. Softlogic holds authorized distributorships for key global brands and today employs over 11,000 people in its offices located in Sri Lanka and Australia. At present, Softlogic is the anchor tenant at the One Galle Face Mall where a total retail space of 100,000 sq. ft has been obtained, devoted to delight shoppers with a plethora of exclusive brands and international flavours.

Pictured : Left to right: Haritha Jayaweera (Merchandise Manager – ODEL PLC), Chandani Ranaweera (Divisional Merchandise Manager – ODEL PLC), Thilina Dassanayaka (Head of Buying Division – ODEL PLC), Mrs. Sarojini Jayasekera (Director – Solid Waste Management- Central Environment Authority)

Also pictured some of the products manufactured out of Aluminum waste and sold at Luv Sri Lanka


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