Pakistan accuses “elder brother” of hampering Sri Lanka’s progress

Pakistan has accused the “elder brother” in the South Asian region of hampering Sri Lanka’s progress.

The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka, Major General (Retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak said that the “elder brother” in the South Asian region is twisting the arm of other countries in the region.

In South Asia the “elder brother” is usually a reference to India, a country with which Pakistan is involved in a bitter feud.

Speaking at a seminar in Colombo, Major General (Retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak said that Sri Lanka has the opportunity to become like Singapore.

However he said that the “elder brother” is preventing Sri Lanka from exploiting its full potential.

He further said that with the revocation of articles 370 and abolition of 35A, India has blatantly violated UNSC resolutions and its own constitution.

Subsequently, he said India followed with draconian and repressive measures by imprisoning the entire nine million peoples denying all rights, duly noticed and highlighted by international bodies and human rights organizations.

The High Commission of Pakistan organized a seminar titled “Peace and Stability – An Imperative to Prosperity in South Asia” at BMICH Colombo on 5th February 2020. Various impediments towards regional peace and prosperity were highlighted.

Eminent Panelist, Graham Jones, Ex-member of the parliament of United Kingdom, Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan, Ex-Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Ms. Medha de Alwis, Sri Lankan Journalist and the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka addressed the seminar.

Graham Jones noted that West is not playing its due role for resolution of Kashmir issue and therefore it is our collective responsibility to highlight and play our part for resolution of this issue. He further said that situation in Kashmir threatens international peace and security with acts of state brutality within Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir.

Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan said that the Kashmir dispute took birth in 1947 in the most sensitive region of South Asia, the disputed land of Jammu and Kashmir nestled among three nuclear powers of today – Pakistan, China and India.

“Unfortunately, India, despite making local, regional and international commitments on Kashmir, is not forthcoming to click the peace call. All the past 72 years are a history of arrogance, bigotry, hate, chauvinism, expansionism and troublous for her neighbors,” Khan said.

He further stated that India has caged nine million Kashmiris by one million military and para-military troops besieging whole valley of Kashmir since august 5,2019.

The seminar was largely attended by the people from different walks of life including Diplomats, Journalists, participants from think tanks, members of Civil Society and Pakistani community.


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