US helps rural women in Sri Lanka to become entrepreneurs

The United States (US) is assisting rural women in Sri Lanka to become entrepreneurs, the US Embassy in Colombo said in a statement today.

Twenty graduates of the U.S. Embassy’s Rural Women Entrepreneurship program held a trade fair at the American Corner Kandy to showcase their products.

The women participated in a six-month course called “Zero Money: How to Start a Business.” The program taught them the skills needed to launch and run a small business. The American Corner Kandy has conducted the program since 2016.

More than 100 women from underserved communities have participated in the program, which is led by Dr. Shobana Rajendran, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics and Statistics at the University of Peradeniya.

Dr. Rajendran developed and implemented the program to provide women with the necessary skills to be self-sufficient and support their families. The program helps build their self-confidence with hands-on mentoring from experts. In addition to business skills, participants also learn basic English to enhance their marketing abilities. Graduates serve as role models, strengthening their families and communities.

“It’s very heartening that the support from the U.S. Embassy is instrumental in the success of this program, which helps vulnerable women reach their dreams,” said Dr. Rajendran. “The smooth collaboration with the American Corner Kandy provides us a warm and enabling environment with useful resources, and this is a crucial component to success.”

Sixteen of the 20 participants in the 2019 group have already launched their own businesses. Each group’s program concludes with a trade fair that allows participants to showcase their merchandise, including agricultural items, paper products, and handicrafts. University students served as project interns, gaining exposure and experience in program administration and implementation.

The U.S. Embassy’s American Corners in Colombo, Kandy, Jaffna, and Matara offer a range of programs for local communities that equip participants with the knowledge and skills to be successful at school and in business.


  1. The event of Independence of Ceylon from Britain was first celebrated on the 4th of February 1948, after 133 years of rule by Britain. Britain granted Dominion Status in 1948, to the island of two nations, captured separately. The two nations were ruled by separate Tamil and Sinhalese kings for many hundreds of years.

    Britain granted Dominion Status to Ceylon in a hurry after it gave Independence to India. Britain did not give independence because Sinhalese were a great people. They knew that the Sinhalese were lazy, less intelligent, uncivilised, violent people, without the correct mind set to rule ALL the people in the island with equal rights, because of their selfish and falsehood inherited by them in “Mahawansa” that causes hatred against indigenous Tamils living in their traditional homeland in the North and East part of Ceylon for over 2500 years.

    Buddhist monks and their political stooges, the Sinhala politicians caused violence, death and destruction and Genocide to Tamils over the past 72 years, by grabbing land and settling Sinhalese in their land, ruled by two major parties UNP and SLFP alternatively ruining and plundering the country and impeding progress.

    The Present Mayor of Colombo Hirunika Premachandra, a patriot and a whistle blower said last week that Ranil and Mahinda the leaders of UNP and SLFP in cohorts, do stealing and evil to SL
    In retrospect, after 72 years by the Sinhalese, the island and the people were robbed by the two major ruling parties and we are in an irreversible mess. We are worse off than 90% of African countries ruled by Britain unable to skilfully resolve issues based on truth. Even the children in Africa have learnt to speak only the truth, greet and respect people and study in the universal language of English and widen their civilisation and develop.

    I heard a conversation in a Coffee shop, a few days ago, of an African adult of about 25 years, who just returned from SL. Speaking in fluent English, expressed his opinion to his African peer. His opinion in a nutshell was;
    1. SL is owned and run by Chinese and vernacular speaking natives.
    2. The citizens are fanatic about their language and Buddhist religion
    3. People do not express in English and so do not know what progress is in the world.
    4. The listener asked “Do they issue passports to citizens”? His answer was “Yes”.

    Citizens of SL must weep, mourn and cry aloud on independence day and decide to stand up and speak against the UNP and SLPP and get rid of them and send civilized people with good education and efficiency to Parliament. Development propaganda by Gota is a “pie in the Sky” it cannot happen. We need professionals to come forward to lead us successfully.


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