UN Human Rights Office comes under a cyber-attack

The UN Human Rights Office in Geneva had come under a cyber-attack last July, the UN Human Rights Office has confirmed.

The office said that although hackers accessed a self-contained part of our system in July 2019, the development servers they accessed did not hold any sensitive data or confidential information.

The hackers did manage to access our Active User Directory, which contains the user IDs for our staff and devices. However, they did not succeed in accessing passwords. Nor did they gain access to other parts of the system.

“Once we became aware of the attack, we took action to shut down the affected development servers,” the UN Human Rights Office said.

The UN Human Rights Office said that it takes breaches of security extremely seriously.

“We are very aware of the potential effects should people gain unauthorised access to our data, and the responsibility we have, both online and offline, to protect victims, staff, partners and any individuals and groups who collaborate with us. We want to assure all concerned parties that this hacking attempt did not compromise sensitive information within this Office,” the UN Human Rights Office said.

It said that like many other institutions and companies, they face frequent attempts to access their computer systems, and their IT team is constantly further reinforcing existing multifaceted safeguards to preserve the integrity of their systems and the data they hold. (Colombo Gazette)


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